This is a toolbox you can loan upon request if it`s avavible. 
It has to be loaned as a unit. You are not able to only request one item from the toolkit.


If you loose or destroy any tools within your loan periode we would require you to replace the item. With the same or equalant tool. (Has to be approved by technical department) 

The toolbox has a total value of : 3 850,- nok

ToolBox 1 (beta)

    1. Screwdriver set. (philips & Flat)
    2. Electric Drill
    3. Folding ruler
    4. Staple gun
    5. Measuring tape

    6. Allen key set (Umbrako)

    7. Bit screwdriver

    8. Plier set

    9. Cutting plier

    10. Screwdriver bits