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Please note that this is the same as the kit lights in: 
- Studio Grey
- Studio Blue
- Impro Room
- Spacelab.


Technical information:

¤ Extruded aluminum and steel housing 
¤ Filter-frame locking system 
¤ Yoke with 10mm diameter hole, reversible for use in any position 
¤ Heat insulated knobs and handles 
¤ Easy focus adjustment by sliding knob 
¤ Anti scratch Epoxy resin paint (standard black) 
¤ Strain relief cable clamp 
¤ Access for lamp maintenance via removable top cover 
¤ 70 mm spherical reflector of 99.99% polished and treated aluminum 
¤ Compliance with CE EN 60598-2 

¤ Ø 110 mm Fresnel lens 
¤ Gy 9.5 lampholder 
¤ 2 m power supply cable (without plug) 
¤ 1 Safety mesh (150x150mm) 

Size: (B x H x D): 208 x 252 x 251 mm 
Weight: 3 kg

Spotligh Combi 650w

Mount / Stand