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• Rugged die-cast aluminium construction

• Convenient full-size zoom adjustment knob

• Unique HPL Quick eXchange socket enables easy lamp changes

• Sliding yoke mount for variable balance point

• Fully enclosed accessory slots for no light leak

• CE compliant ELECTRICAL

• 230V-240V, 50/60Hz

• High temperature silicone-rubber 1.5m power cable OPTICAL

• 175mm aperture

• Zoom Range - 9°-52° beam angle - 20°-65° field angle

• True fresnel optical system for good barn door beam shaping characteristics

• Glass reflector with dichroic coating optimized for HPL lamp performance SPECIFICATIONS LAMP

• HPL – compact tungsten filament contained in a krypton/ xenon-filled quartz glass envelope (see table for suitable lamp types)

• Uses same lamp type as all Source Four fixtures for common inventory

• 375W, 575W and 750W (max.) lamp options

• Patented filament geometry makes for extremely efficient light collection and transmission • Integral die-cast aluminium heat sink lamp base

ETC 1000w Fresnel

Mount / Stand